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Foods That Improve Male Libido

Substances that are used in treating erectile dysfunction are known as viagra. Viagra can be classified into herbal and non-herbal viagra. The non-herbal viagra are mostly in form of pills. Although the pills improve libido, their side effects are too many. Some of the side effects are; high chances of heart attack, muscle pain, back pain, memory loss and shortening of breath. These side effects make the natural viagra better than the viagra pill since it does not have the side effects. It will improve the testosterone levels and metabolism and boost mood and libido naturally. Below are the best natural viagra foods.

Banana is the first natural viagra food. The ripe bananas have yellow peels while the unripe bananas have green peels. Banana is one of the most powerful viagra food. Bananas will not only offer much energy but also for a long time since they are rich in vitamin B and potassium. In order to have better production of testosterone, please consume bananas.

An avocado is also in the list of the natural viagra foods. The Persea American is the tree which produces avocado. An avocado is rich in vitamin B6. The vitamin B6 has been proven to boost male libido. An avocado is also rich in potassium which regulates the production of hormones that are responsible for metabolism and development. The folic acids found in avocados boost the health of the heart.

Another viagra food is almonds. Fatty acids in almonds have been scientifically proven to improve hormone production and in turn treat erectile dysfunction. The scent produced by almonds is also good for the women. Almonds are rich in amino acids which improve the flow of blood by relaxing the blood vessels.

A watermelon is also a natural viagra food. This fruit is rich in amino acids which relaxes the blood vessels. The nitric oxide formed with the help of the amino acids has the ability to treat erectile dysfunction. The watermelons also have a great benefit to the health of the cardiovascular system.

The dark chocolate is also on the list of viagra foods. After consuming the dark chocolate, you will experience a relaxed mind which in turn improves your libido. The phenethylamine in this food triggers dopamine which increases libido by relaxing the mood. A dark chocolate will also improve your bonding with your partner since it contains serotonin.

Another viagra food which is natural is garlic. The nitric oxide in garlic helps in treating impotence and erectile dysfunction. After consuming garlic, heat will be produced and this improves the blood flow.

The last viagra food we shall look at is the peanut butter. This food has a lot of monounsaturated fats which improve the dopamine which heightens libido.

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