What Do You Know About Watches

Watches and Their Types

A time keeping device is known as a watch. A timepiece is designed to either be moved around or worn. The design of a watch is so that it will not be interfered with in the event of any activity of a person. There are two kinds of watches, namely a pocket watch and a wrist watch.

A pocket watch is designed to be carried around in the pocket while a wrist watch is designed to be worn around the wrist. The first watch was a set of mechanics that were made to work by turning a spring mechanism. It was found appealing to create expensive timepieces that would cost more than normal time keeping watches.

On top of keeping the time, watches were designed to also show days, dates, months and years. A different design of timepieces that did not use the initial winding mechanism was later developed to work electronically. More features were added into the electronic watch to display more items. Technology has seen to it that the watches have advanced into more advanced gadgets.

The mechanism for operating the clock was that of a spring. A later developed design of the watch saw to it later that the watch could rewind itself as the wearer would make natural movements. The pocket watch was the watch that was to initiate the then self-winding mechanism. A self-winding watch requires no action by the wearer to keep it moving. The wearer can also turn the watch manually in case he has not put it on or if it ceases to turn by his movements.

Always have the power cells of an electronic watch changed by a qualified practitioner for the longevity of the watch. This can be because most of the fact that most electronic watches are water resistant and so to keep the water resistance feature requires a qualified person. There is also a type of electronic watches that are designed to use light energy to power their batteries.

All kinds of watches are broadly classified as either analog or digital. The common feature with manual watches is that they will have a display with a minute hand, hour hand and with some an additional second hand. Analog watches are the exquisite kinds of watches that can be made into many desired designs.

With the digital watch, there is a show of digits that tell the time as well as other displayed features. There is also an additional feature in some watches to make them glow in the absence of light to show time. The people who cannot hear or see are able to keep time by using “talking” watches.

The primary function of a watch is to keep time though many other advanced features have been added to it over time. One should be able to take good care of a watch just like in the case of any other gadget so that it works perfectly and has long life. It is recommended to have a timepiece checked by a professional for service or repair in case it is faulty.

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